Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Scary Places to go Late at Night

It is late at night, and you are searching for a thrill.  Where is the scariest place you can go?  At this day and age we think to ourselves that we really aren't scared of anything.  We walk through life as if we have done it millions of times before.  With this unshaken confidence how can we truly put ourselves into a situation where we do not feel at ease?  Where we tremble at the unknowing just as we as humans have always known to do.

Now back to it, it is late at night where should you go?  Speaking from a paranormal background we can strongly recommend the highest amount of activity could be seen near large bodies of water.  Lakes and oceans have seen a very depressing past, they have claimed many souls and is hard to just let go.  Souls trapped and unable to reach surface stay forever swimming in these seas.  Some nights you will see them leave but understand that they will always return.

If bodies of water are not your thing, then try Highways.  These roadways have claimed countless lives of living and wildlife.  Late at night they are crawling with unreal travelers.  The people seen walking up and down highways aren't always there.  You have been told to not pick up hitchhikers your whole life for a good reason.  You have no idea what kind of spirits you are inviting into your car.  They are not always good.  So be extremely careful.

The final place we will bring you, if you have survived so far! Is the circus.  Much more than any pond or pavement are these circus acts.  They have so much mystery along with history.  The history started a long time ago when they were back then known as Freak Shows.  The hideous sights and freak aesthetics came with much despair, not all people were born to look like freaks that wanted to.  The brutality came and no one knew.  The tickets sold and everyone ignored the fact that the reason the three fingered lady had three fingers was not because of her genes.  The circus may or may not be around anymore, but if you can find one with a long history then you will feel the true horrors it tries to hide inside. 

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