Sunday, April 26, 2015


In the world of the dark arts, Necromancy is by far one of the darkest.  There are legends describing its reach. 

To begin, what is Necromancy?  Necromancy is the practice of an attempted communication with the dead.  It is also said that Necromancy is used to try and predict the future.   

Who uses Necromancy?  Necromancy can be used by anyone, but only a few are actually able to see results.  It was said that recently in Louisiana a whole slew of witchcraft unraveled a string of necromancy.  Voodoo is synonymous with necromancy.

We are unable to find any actual Necromancy being performed over media, but there is good reason, the people who perform these dark arts do not want anything recorded.  Why?  The darks arts in wrong hands can be a very dangerous thing.  If people in general were able to communicate with the dead as they pleased could you imagine the impact it would have on our society?

Underground groups have kept this under wraps for as long as they have been around.  The darks arts aren’t just performed by dark individuals it can also be used for good.  People like to communicate with lost loved ones to get closure on their lives or just to reach out to a loved one.  The darker individuals use it to conjure something evil.

What are the components usually needed for a necromancer?  Experienced necromancers usually use a strong hallucinogens, scalpel, thread, and memorabilia from a past life.

Where and when are these arts performed?  They are performed on certain days during the moon schedule, and usually at night.
Cults have been known to perform rituals, and it is even mentioned in our latest article titled Catacombs of Paris: Haunted Underground Tunnels, where we go into an in depth account of what has happened beneath the city of Paris.

Does the dark arts of Necromancy still exist?  We will investigate more into this, and bring you an exact answer.

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  1. Years ago, I opened one gate and didn't close it - didn't know I had to. This led to years of torment, physically and mentally. Shortly after I opened this and didn't follow through, I noticed an increase of the 'men in black' sightings. I am attempting to find out exactly what the correlation is between Necromancy, its symbols and extraterrestrial life. There is a connection, I just haven't delved into it far enough to see more. Curious to know if these events, or similar have been seen by anybody else or perhaps it was just a fluke/coincidence. I'm not looking to contact lost loved ones, or get 'power to rule the world'; simply looking to find out if these events are more the rule than the exception.
    Any input would be appreciated - assuming this site is still operating.